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Yellow Rose: Film Review

“Fifteen years in development, writer-director Diane Paragas’ Yellow Rose arrives at a fraught point in the national immigration debate with its Texas-set story of an undocumented Filipina single mother and her teenage daughter struggling to remain in the U.S. Expanding on her 2017 short film, Paragas offers a clear-eyed, heartfelt interpretation of a classic American story that's graciously inclusive and even a bit provocative in its assertion of individual and artistic independence. The film recently won juried narrative feature awards at both the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and the Center for Asian American Media's CAAMFest.”


Review: ‘Yellow Rose’ Is The Immigration Film For Our Times

“Noblezeda wonderfully portrays the complexities of a day-dreaming, teenage girl facing issues that would be difficult for even an adult to figure out. Salonga, an esteemed actress within the Filipino community, emerged from a 24-year long retirement from the silver screen just to be in Paragas’ film” - Mae Hamilton

Review: ‘Yellow Rose’

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“First, the writing and development of her character is spot on. Rose is not portrayed as a cowering victim, constantly on the run. She has her own complexities, primarily pride. While she does some running from ICE agents, it’s her friends and family who do most of the chasing with a chorus of “Rose, come back…” She’s a young woman who refuses to be a burden to anyone, to beg for help, and possibly has serious trust issues too.” - Lonnie Spiker